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Are you being investigated for a crime? When police and investigators speak and question you at great length, you are most likely under investigation. Anything you say can be used AGAINST you in court, even if you think it helps you. You may even be under arrest. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can talk your way out of being arrested or the target of an investigation. The Javier Law Firm, P.C. counsels and represents people currently under investigation for criminal offenses. Depending on your specific situation, we may be able to help you divert the attention of law enforcement or cut off any further investigation. Protect your rights, your best interests and your freedom 


State and Local Criminal Investigations

State and Local police investigations may suffer from inadequate or limited resources that call into question the effectiveness and legality of the procedures followed by officers, investigators, State’s Attorneys, and other government employees. From time to time, local police may use improper or questionable techniques during the course of their investigation. For instance, informants used in an investigation may have lengthy criminal backgrounds and have been offered generous plea bargains in exchange for information or testimony against you. Having a skilled attorney fighting for you could help end the investigation, instead of leading to charges being filed.

Avoiding Obstruction of Justice Charges

If you are under investigation it is also very important to understand what you are required to do in order to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Too often, people make the mistake of withholding, removing or even destroying evidence once they realize that they are under investigation. Doing so, however, can lead to obstruction of justice charges. As a result, people are sent to prison on a conviction for obstruction of justice even though they were found innocent of the original criminal charges. As your attorney, Mark A. Javier will advise and counsel you regarding what you should and should not do when cooperating with the authorities. 

The Javier Law Firm, P.C. also advises our clients on what they are required to do when under investigation so that they do not get charged with Obstruction of Justice. Many people make the mistake of withholding or destroying evidence and eventually get sent to jail for obstructing, even if the are found not guilty of the original charges. Do not let that happen to you. Contact Attorney Mark A. Javier if You are the Target of an Investigation.