Chicago Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Recently, Politicians and law enforcement have aggressively increased their efforts to stop domestic violence. A conviction for domestic violence carries a wide range of criminal penalties that include jail time, fines, anger management counseling and various restraining orders/orders of protection. You may even be ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device! If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to know your rights. Many people arrested for domestic violence do not understand the nature of their charges or how the system works. They also may not understand that a restraining order/order of protection can keep them out of their home, away from their children and could possibly even cost their job. 

If you have been arrested for domestic violence and need to speak with a Chicago Criminal lawyer attorney, we encourage you to contact us. The  MAJ law firm is pleased to offer a free consultation if you need to speak with a lawyer about any the following matters:

Domestic violence
• Domestic assault
• Domestic abuse
• Violations of an Order of Protection (OFP)/Restraining Order
• Cyber Stalking
• Department of Children and Family Services investigations (DCFS)
• Other violent crimes

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The MAJ law office has helped many clients facing allegations of domestic violence. We understand that domestic violence accusations often involve loved ones who may wish to reconcile. We are considerate of the human dynamics involved in these cases and always take time to listen to our clients and their wishes. Unfortunately, prosecutors may not always honor requests to drop charges once allegations of domestic assault have been made. 

We represent all individuals who are charged with domestic violence including husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends. One common misconception is that domestic violence charges are always based on an allegation of spousal abuse. This is not true. A person may be charged with domestic violence for the assault of any household member, including a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or another family member, like an elderly parent, for example. It may involve heterosexual couples or same sex couples.