Chicago Expungement & Record Sealing Attorney

Are you looking for a fresh start after having been arrested or convicted of a crime? The Javier Law Firm will help you clean your record so that you can have the best chance at moving forward, whether in a new job, a new school or simply for peace of mind. We will handle your expungement, clemency or record sealing. 

Expungement and record sealing are ways to limit access to any criminal record you may have. Record sealing means your record will still exist but can only be brought out in very limited circumstances, such as sentencing cases in the future. Potential employers and the general public would not have access to your properly sealed record. Expungement means your criminal record will be completely removed from the public domain. The decision to pursue expungement or record sealing is a personal one that requires careful consideration of your background and future goals. 

Depending on your case and circumstances, expungement may not be a possibility. The Javier Law Firm has experience in this specialized field of law and can help you decide what course you should pursue. We are thrilled to help clients move forward in their lives by successfully completing expungements and record sealing. 

Sometimes clients seeking to clear their criminal record have only the option of clemency. An executive clemency is oftentimes the last resort. The Javier Law Firm will work diligently to gain a full picture of you and your case so that we can submit the best petition possible. Not only will we write your petition, but we will also help you prepare your case in front of the Prisoner Review Board.