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Have you received a traffic ticket or citation? If so, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Many people do not take their traffic tickets seriously enough. Although a traffic ticket will not lead to serious legal penalties, it can affect your driving record. Whenever you are convicted of a traffic offense, it will affect your driving record and insurance rates. As soon as a certain number of convictions have accumulated on your record, your driver's license will be suspended. A suspended license will make it extremely difficult to get to work or school and can have a huge impact on your social life.

Common Tickets and Citations in Chicago

If you have received a traffic ticket or citation in the Chicago area, we can help. We have experience helping people fight traffic tickets stemming from a wide variety of traffic violations and offenses, such as:

• Driving under the influence (DUI)
• Speeding and aggravated speeding
• Running a red light or stop sign
• Disobeying a traffic control device
• Causing an accident
• Reckless driving
• Street Racing (formerly drag racing)
• Failing to stop for the police or an emergency vehicle
• Driving without a license
• Driving with a suspended license
• Driving without insurance
• Other moving violations

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How can a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer help

Depending on your ticket, you could face more than just penalties on your driving record. For most traffic offenses you will be required to appear in traffic court, pay minor traffic fines, and attend traffic school. More serious traffic violations, such as DUI, could also cost you your driver's license, and even result in probation, community service, and even imprisonment.

Our Criminal lawyers in Chicago are very committed to helping our clients fight their traffic tickets. The last thing we want is for our clients' lives to be inconvenienced in any way due to a traffic ticket. We have a great deal of knowledge, experience, and practice in Illinois traffic law, and can advise you of your rights and best options under the law. When you come to our law firm for help, you can trust that an effective and dependable member of our proven team will strive to help you keep your driving record clean, as well as help you avoid numerous penalties.

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